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Adam Kimble sets FKT in his Tahoe backyard
Like most of the United States, Adam Kimble had to make some big adjustments in March as Coronavirus spread disrupting events and travel. He was coming off a podium performance at the Terawera 100 mile race in New Zealand, and was anxious to build on that performance. With no races available, he turned his focus to his hometown, and the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Adam Kimble Ultra Running on Tahoe Trails. Western States 2018.

Adam pictured here racing at the 2018 Western States 100. 


How has your training evolved this year?

Training this year has been all about getting creative. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve had to shift focus from my love of racing to my love of running!  With the combination of the virus, wildfires, smoke, trail closures, and so many other factors at play, every day that I get to run is a gift and I’m so grateful for those opportunities!

What has kept you motivated this year?

I’ve found motivation in a number of ways: pursuing FKTs, taking on personal challenges and embarking on long adventure runs with friends. That approach has afforded me the opportunity to go after some goals I wouldn’t have otherwise prioritized in a more typical season!

Tell us about your races and or FKTs?

The highlight of my 2020 season was setting the Tahoe Rim Trail supported FKT in July!  I ran the 172-mile trail in 37 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds, taking one hour and twenty minutes off of the previous record set by Kilian Jornet in 2009. I was also one of the lucky ones who got in a race early in the year, finishing on the podium at the Tarawera 100-Miler in New Zealand.

What socks did you wear for those events and why?

Trail Running and Thin Running Crew!  Always a crew guy because they help keep out dust and rocks, my feet love them, and they look great!

What are your running goals for the remainder of the year?

I’m keeping things flexible!  If some November and December races are an option, I may line up at one of those. Otherwise, I will throw in some more personal goals. Either way, I will close out the year on a positive note!

What socks are in your running rotation these days and for what purposes?

If they’re crew socks, I’m wearing them! The Trail Running Crew socks are my go-to. With the fall season upon us and the cooler temperatures along with it, I’ll be adding the Cold Weather Running socks as well!

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