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Cold Weather Running

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Runner's World Magazine named these socks "Best For Terrible Conditions" - December 2022!

In cold or freezing temperatures, wet socks are the feet's worst enemy, as moisture pulls heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air.  Moisture can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold and are much more susceptible to frostbite.

The drymax Cold Weather Running Socks have a special Dual-Layer Moisture Removal System that instantly moves moisture from the skin through the winter drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer.  Staying dry is your best chance to remain warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Due to the wind chill factor, while running, the front part of the leg tends to get coldest, so we added a third layer of drymax fiber insulation along the sock's leading edge.

drymax filament fibers are stronger and dryer than wool.   

Made In USA

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Cold Weather Running Over the Calf
Cold Weather Running Over the Calf
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