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Nicole Bitter Runs Javelina Jundred

Nicole is Running the Javelina Jundred this weekend!

You can follow Nicole and the rest of the race live here.

Drymax caught up with her ahead of her race.

How has your training evolved this year? 

The last few years, I have incorporated more speed work to my training. I enjoy the change of pace, and I think it is beneficial to have speed, even for longer, mountain courses. It also allows me to do more miles with Zach, as my tempo pace is very consistent with his base training pace (editor's note: Zach Bitter 100 mile world record holder, is Nicole's Husband). I would like to try and run a faster marathon at some point but keep getting distracted by the ultra distance events.

What has kept you motivated this year?

I truly enjoy training, even in the absence of racing. It has been nice in the year of the pandemic to keep my routine and get outside every morning. During 2020, Zach and I have fostered a few active pups through the Arizona Border Collie Rescue, so running has been a great way to get rid of their energy each morning.

(For Border Collie pics, check out @nkbitter on instagram!)

Tell us about your preparation for Javelina Jundred?  

I decided to run Javelina about four weeks before the race, but I feel like it naturally ties to the speed work I have focused on this year. Hopefully all the fast road miles pays off on this course. 

What socks will you be wearing at Javelina and why? 

I just love the Hyper Thins, as they keep my feet cool and dry even on the hottest days. I am expecting the temps will get warm on Saturday.

Besides the socks you’ll be wearing at Javelina, what socks are in your running rotation these days and for what purposes? 

I have to say the Bittersweet! They are fun to wear running or to the gym. 

What will you be eating during Javelina?

I typically start the day taking Clif Shots, but I am fortunate to have a pretty strong stomach that can tolerate a lot of options. I always like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at some point during the day.  

Is there anything you would like to say to the first-time Ultrarunner? 

Once you start running ultras, you will never want to stop! The community is infectious! 

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