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Catching Up With Maggie Guterl Before Big's Backyard Ultra

Maggie Guterl is defending her title from Big's Backyard Ultra. Drymax caught up with her. Live broadcast of the race can be found here!

How has your training evolved this year? 

It's been a year. That's for sure! I got an injury (my first real injury) during a virtual race called the Quarantine Backyard. It was my SI Joint and I didn't run for two months. Come back was slow and I have struggled with asthma all year. So it's a good year for me for canceled races.

What has kept you motivated this year?

Mountains! When I was easing back into running it was still very painful but I could hike. And when you are above 12,000 feet going up a hill it is mostly hiking anyway. Enjoying the views and just exploring at a slow pace has kept me motivated. I did start to dabble in fast-packing as well. So freeing to have everything you need for a couple of days on your back and to be able to go where you want.

How have your running goals changed this year with race and travel cancelations? 

I have just given myself the time off to go at my own pace and explore my own backyard. Durango is a rad place surrounded by even radder mountains. I want to know what is around every bend on the trails and what every mountain looks like from every angle.

I did have the privilege of joining my good friend Courtney Dauwalter on her FKT attempt of the Colorado Trail.  

What socks do you train and race in?

I wear the Lite Hiking Socks Crew and Quarter Crew (in red!) for all my running, hiking, and fast-packing adventures. 

What are your running goals for the remainder of the year?

Big's Backyard which will be my only race for this year. I feel really strong and need to keep doing my PT exercises. I am excited to see and run with a small group of friends at Big's. 

(editor's note: Last year Maggie became the first woman to win Big's Backyard Ultra - Click here to read about it in Outside magazine)

What socks are in your running rotation these days and for what purposes? 

I have found the Lite Hiking Socks are light enough for running and sturdy enough for hiking. Once in awhile I use the Trail Running Socks. For the gym, I use the Lite Trail Running socks.

How do you prep your feet?

I used to put Trail Toes lube on but since just using the hiking socks I rarely do anymore. I may still do that for Bigs as a precaution since its humid and the key to success there is fighting issues before they are issues. 

Is there anything you would like to say to the first-time Ultrarunner?

Now is the time to get out and explore your backyard. In my opinion, the two most important things for success, aside from the mental component, are nutrition and your feet! :) So take care of your feet.

The live broadcast of Big's Backyard Ultra can be found here!

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