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Hockey Hyper Thin Sock Over the Calf

Color: Light Gray
Size: SmallSize Chart

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Hockey Hyper Thin Features


AVAL Hockey socks achieve the best fit because they were developed on special 3-D foot shaped models which accurately represent the human foot as opposed to the 2-D industry standard.


Improved Comfort & Dryness
Our Dual Layer design creates a self-contained Sweat Removal System keeping feet dry and comfortable. Skating in AVAL Hockey socks, feet remain dry, so there’s no need to change socks between periods.

Muscle Fatigue

Reduce Muscle Fatigue, Soreness, Recovery Time
The sock’s compressive muscle containment decreases Excess Muscle Oscillation (vibration) helping reduce muscle fatigue and micro-tears. While playing hockey, calf muscles should feel less fatigued and after play be less damaged, helping reduce soreness and recovery time. 

Active Odor Control
The antimicrobial in the drymax fibers actively fights odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor free.


Machine Wash warm with like colors.  To whiten socks, use bleach alternatives.  Tumble dry on low heat.  Do not iron.

Do not use fabric softeners; they leave a residual coating on fibers and fabrics, preventing them from performing as designed. To remove fabric softeners, simply launder with detergent and rinse.

Do not use Chlorine Bleach.

Do not use skin lubricants.

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