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Volleyball Sock Crew

Color: White
Size: Small

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Playing Volleyball places a tremendous amount of stress on the feet. The long rallies back and forth with constant jumping to block, spike, dink or serve the ball along with lunging digs increase the amount of shear force (trauma) on the feet.

All of this takes place on a hard-court surface which can generate high friction and heat inside the shoe. Elevated temperatures inside shoes trigger the feet to sweat and wet wicking fiber socks, which keep feet wet, only make things worse! Wet socks soften and weaken the skin, making a players’ feet much more vulnerable to blisters.


Foot blisters are the most common sports injury. Research indicates those suffering with foot blisters are 50% more likely to experience an additional, more serious training-related injuries.

Wearing drymax Volleyball Socks Can Make a Big Difference

Players wearing drymax Volleyball socks will have the advantage of drier feet and therefore less likely to suffer foot blisters and additional training-related injuries. Our drymax Volleyball socks allow you to practice longer and harder, enabling you to be in better shape for your matches by helping you concentrate on proper technique and not be distracted by wet socks, sweaty feet, and painful blisters.

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