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Blumaka Anti-Slip Sport Insoles

Size: Men 4 – 4.5 / Women 5 – 5.5 (A)

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Slipping Inside The Shoe Reduces Athletic Performance
Athletes realize the importance of having a good grip between the bottom of their shoes and the playing surface. But most athletes don’t realize they are slipping around in all directions inside their shoes. Slipping even slightly is less efficient and reduces athletic performance.
Blumaka Anti-Slip Insoles Improve Athletic Performance In All Sports
The Blumaka insole’s anti-slip top cover allows an athlete’s strength, quickness and speed to be more efficiently and completely transferred through the shoes to the playing surface.
By having more consistent control of their feet, athletes can now have quicker starts, stops, cuts and therefore increased agility by driving more power to the ground.
The Blumaka insole has proven its value over the last two years with
collegiate and professional athletes.


Blumaka Insoles Are Very Durable
How many miles/how long can I wear a pair of Blumaka insoles?
Blumaka insoles are made with the most durable foam on the market. While we can't yet guarantee them for life, we do believe our insoles can be worn for at least 500 miles or 300 rounds of golf before noticing any compression. Some athletes have already used their Blumaka insoles for two seasons.
Blumaka Insole Clean Foam Process
The Blumaka Clean Foam process begins with gathering very high-quality
performance foam waste or scrap from footwear factories. From there,
we grind the waste into small pellets. A Blumaka insole uses up to 85% recycled content
by volume.
Blumaka also uses a cleaner manufacturing process. We don’t use heating
ovens, silicone mold releases, or steel molds. We also use 4 grams of water
per pair, a 99% reduction compared to traditional manufacturing. We believe
it’s the cleanest foam manufacturing process on earth.
Blumaka’s proprietary manufacturing process results in a 65% reduction in
greenhouse gasses compared to traditional Polyurethane (PU) and a 26%
reduction compared to traditional Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which are
the most common footwear foams. The Blumaka manufacturing process
has 4 times less environmental impact than the traditional process.

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